Insulating lightweight
foamed glass aggregate

What is Foamed Glass

Womersleys' supply Foamit a top quality foamed glass lightweight aggregate.

It is ideal for sub floors and for preventing cold bridging in well insulated new builds, can play an important role by insulating old buildings whilst retaining breathability and is used in many civil engineering applications. What sets Foamit apart from its competitors is that it is manufactured from purified glass cullet which contains no organic material.

  • Prepared from purified recycled glass

  • High Compression Strengths

  • Closed Cell Structure

  • Highly Insulating

  • Free Draining

  • Breathable

  • Light weight fill for domestic, industrial and civil engineering uses

  • Excellent environmental credentials

  • Manufactured in Finland

  • Easy to use


Case Studies

Chorley Old Hall
Insulated Floor


Lambeth Palace
insulated floor


Insulating Floors as part of Passive House Construction


Green Roof build
Foamit as a lightweight filler


Information on Foamed Glass

The 20-30mm Foamit foamed glass (210 kg/cu m) is 90 % lighter that medium density 30mm  limestone aggregate (2160 kg/cu m)

Foamit is 17 times more insulating than hardcore sub bases. All the Foamit grades have a thermal conductivity of 0.1 W/m2 whereas hard limestone used as sub bases has a thermal conductivity of
1.7 W/m2.


Foamed Glass Uses

Foamit 30
Foamit 20
Foamit 10
Insulated pipe and drainage ditches
Sub-base to Limecrete floors, lightweight fill for basements
Upper and intermediate floors and in-roof structures
Fill material for graded and sloping floors
Landscaped roofing, green roofs and roof terraces
Garden applications (compost/soil aeration
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